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Whether it’s your first home or your third, buying a house is one of the biggest purchases you’ll make. That’s why you must have all the facts. Since 2002, Mike Scheiderich and the team at Total Home Consultants have been assisting Georgians in the home-buying process. Providing a thorough inspection and a same-day report, we’re equipping you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. We take pride in keeping both your home & your family safe and are preventing you from future unwanted surprises. So when you’re ready to buy your next home, let us be there for you.

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Mike Scheiderich

About The Owner

Mike Scheiderich founded Total Home Consultants, Inc. in April of 2002 and quickly expanded the company to include a team of four inspectors by 2007. Mike’s dedication from the start was to deliver unparalleled inspection services by leveraging the latest technology along with ongoing training and education. This commitment to excellence, coupled with a robust market presence and a devoted customer base that consistently recommends their services, has allowed Mike and Total Home Consultants to thrive in all market conditions. Collectively, the team has conducted over 15,000 inspections in the Metro Atlanta area, demonstrating their extensive experience and commitment to quality in the field of home inspections.

Education & Work History

Mike holds an MBA from Auburn University, earned in 1996, and an undergraduate degree in Industrial Design from Auburn as well. Prior to establishing his home inspection business, he served as a financial adviser at Merrill Lynch and was an entrepreneur, owning several small businesses. His unique blend of business acumen, technical knowledge, and hands-on experience has been instrumental in developing Total Home Consultants, Inc. into the ideal inspection company. Mike’s credentials and comprehensive approach ensure that the company consistently meets the high standards expected by clients in the industry.

Our Team