Radon Testing

Is Radon Gas Present in the Home You Want to Buy?

Radon gas is odorless, invisible, and deadly. According to the Surgeon General, 20,000 lung cancer deaths per year are caused by radon. Behind smoking, radon gas exposure is the leading cause of lung cancer. With the proper equipment, radon gas is easily detectable. If found, its presence can be reduced to safe levels. Radon testing can be done in 48 hours, giving home buyers necessary information quickly. Our technicians use equipment that employs the most advanced radon-testing technologies available today.
radon testing
diagram of radon gas

What is Radon Gas?

Radon gas is a naturally occurring, radioactive gas produced when uranium in the ground breaks down. It is found in some rocks, soils, and well water. Mountainous areas or regions with high concentrations of igneous rock are more prone to the presence of radon than flat or sandy areas. Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer, so it’s extremely important that you have your home inspected for radon to safeguard your health and safety.

Our Radon Gas Tests

48-Hour Tests

All of our radon gas tests run for 48 hours to ensure accurate results.

Closed Home Testing

To further ensure results are accurate, the home must be kept closed while the testing is taking place.

See Hourly Levels of Radon in the Home

Our report will show you how much radon was detected in the home hour by hour.

Recieve Results Immediately

Once the radon test is complete, you will receive the results immediately so you can make an informed buying decision.
testing for radon gas